Emanuel Morris was born December 25, 1894 in Opelousas, Louisiana.  He moved to Beaumont, Texas where he met and married Daisy Chaney.  They later moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In their union they had seven (7) children.  They are Emanuel "Buddy" Morris Jr., James Weldon Morris, Hazel Morris Brinson, Herman Morris, Ruby Christina Morris Daniels, Earl Morris, and Rudolph Morris.  All have passed away over numerous years.  

In memory of Emanuel and Daisy Morris, we dedicate this family heritage and honor them with the continuous legacy of their bloodline for generations to come.

May God continue to bless this family and all its members who are continuously uplifting the Morris name.

See You At the Morris and Brinson Family Reunion
1) Where should the Morris-Brinson Family Reunion be held in 2020?
Washington, DC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Detroit, Michigan
Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina
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